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Golf Club Castle Freudenstein, the innovative Trainings Center for everyone!

The Golf Club Castle Freudenstein is over Eppan located,

and belongs to the awesome property “Schloss Freudenstein”

One time possibility of training

The Training Center Schloss Freudenstein offer 16 flake places (Driving Range), Bunker & Chipping Green, Putting Green.
On the Driving Range at the Golf Club Schloss Freudenstein you can make short or long hits.
More about these, you can see on the interactive map or on the webcam “Golf Club Schloss Freudenstein”

Highlight at the Golf Club Castle Freudenstein are the 4 train holes.

The Training Center Freudenstein is located near the capital Bozen and offer a beautiful view to the surrounding farms, to the mountains named “Schlern and Rosengarten”.
With the 4 exercise holes, you can implement all your learned practice.

Practice Holes

Training Center Castle Freudenstein has 4 practice tracks

The Training Center Freudenstein not only offers a wonderful place to sit, in the castle’s hillside, but also a magnificent view of the surrounding farms,
on South Tyrol ‘s landmark Schlern & Rosengarten, as well as the capital Bolzano, but also 4 Practice courses to implement directly at the Golf Academy.

Bunker & Chipping

Perfect for short play!

The Bunker Area is with the difference distances on applied green perfectly qualified for playing a short match. Separately there is also a Chipping station with green and a Pitching Green with distance from to 50m.

Putting Green

Fantastic train possibility at Golf Club Schloss Freudenstein

A 900m² big Putting Green Area is available for putten. This Area were kempt daily so the Greenspeed are always between 11-12 ft.

Track Man

Innovative possibilities of training and beautiful Golf adventures

The Golf Academy from Golf Club „Schloss Freudenstein“ expected you with varieties possibilities of trainings as soon as training hours with our Head Pro Malcolm J Harrison. You will find a lot of modern equipment’s: A Trackman, a Putter-Simulator, a Laser Aiming Tool and an Indoor-Golf simulator. With these gadgets, you can learn the optimal Golf technique.
A fascinating course program will give you the possibility to learn more about the golf sport.

Laser Aiming Tool

Together with our Head Pro better golfen

The Golf Club Schloss Freudenstein belongs to one of the innovative golf course at South Tyrol.
With the Laser Aiming Tool you can refine your technique of golf. Enjoy together with our Head Pro Malcolm this possibility of training.


Putter Simulator

Successful putten

The Golf Club Schloss Freudenstein in South Tyrol offer a Putter Simulator. With the Putter Simulator you can optimize your golf technique together with our Head Pro.
Our Head Pro helped you with his specialist Know- How and analyzed your technique during putting. He give you helpful hints.




Learn golf

You will learn golf on a beautiful golf course in South Tyrol?
We give you the possibility to train the golf sport with an Indoor Golfsimulator, Track Man, Putter Simulator, Laser Aiming Tool and fantastic Driving Range with view over the country Eppan.
The Golf Club Schloss Freudenstein is a golf course for everyone and all people who are interested to learn golf are totally right on this place.

 Invidual lesson
50 min – € 70,-
50 min – € 96,- for two person
50 min – € 120,- for three person
50 min – € 140, – for four person

The adult persons must pay the Range palls extra. Kids get the Range palls for no charge from the Golf Club. We pray you, to reverse the lesson min. 24 hours before.

Golf Clinics
6 hours – € 350,- € 240,-/P. for 2 person, € 200,-/P. for 3 person, € 175,-/P. for 4 person
9 hours – € 525,- € 360,-/P. for 2 person, € 300,-/P for 3 person, € 262,-/P. for 4 person
12 hours – € 650,- € 440,-/P. for 2 person, € 365,-/P. for 3 person, € 312,-/P. for 4 person

Course for newcomer
6 hours – € 350,- € 240,-/P. for 2 person, € 200,-/P. for 3 person, € 175,-/P. for 4 person
15 hours – € 795,- € 525,-/P. for 2 person, € 430,-/P. for 3 person, € 360,-/P. for 4 person

Play golf on the golf course with our Pro
9 Hole – € 165,- € 95,-/P. for 2 person, € 70,-/P. for 3 person, € 55,-/P. for 4 person

Freudenstein Junior Training
Every Saturday from 15:00 until 17:00 o clock
Price pro person: € 10,00 every lesson


1. Piching Area

3. Bunker Green

5. Driving Range

7. Practice Holes

2. Chipping Green

4. Putting Green

6. Bunker Green

Golf Club Castle Freudenstein – Str. Masaccio, 3, 39057 Eppan-Berg BZ, Italia