You can’t find a better green in southtyrol.

Positioned in the Adige valley you’ll find a 9 hole golf field
„The Blue Monster“ with its 10.000 square meter of green.

The unique beauty of the water

The new golf field of 9 holes is situated in the suburb of the small touristy town Eppan, Southtyrol.
With perfect greens and the little lakes, surrounded by a breath taking mountain view, the golf field connects every golfer to this fascinating place.
The artificial lakes are not only there for the beauty of the field but also for a water reserve in case of irrigation emergencies, what is also a positive ecological point for the landscape.
The surrounded farming fields and mountains give the golf field an extra boost of beauty.

The Philosophy behind the project

A place with challenges and enterprising Pros and not to forget a place with a secure achievement for rookies. This makes the „Blue Monster „ challenging and interesting for everyone.
Pretty wide courses accomplish comfortable bailouts to not overwhelm weaker golfers.
Playing more risky can increase the success but also the penalties can be higher. This „risk-reward philosophy“ is, beside the strategical lay out of further obstacles, such as bunker , trees, a fundamental principle of the Golf club eppan.
The choice of 5 different drive positions makes the golf field extreme flexible and is so for every player suitable.

Das Gute – die Philosophie hinter dem Projekt

Ein Platz mit Herausforderungen für risikofreudige Profis und gleichzeitig ein Platz mit sicheren Erfolgserlebnissen für unerfahrene Anfänger, das macht den „The Blue Monster“ attraktiv für alle. Relativ breite Spielbahnen schaffen angenehme “Ausweichrouten” (Bailouts), um so schwächere Golfer/innen nicht zu überfordern. Bei mehr Risikoeinsatz steigen der Erfolg, aber auch die Strafen können höher ausfallen. Diese “Risk-Reward-Philosophie” ist, neben dem strategischen Anlegen weiterer Hindernisse, wie Bunker und Solitärbäume, ein Kernprinzip des Golfplatzes in Eppan. Die Auswahl aus fünf unterschiedlichen Abschlagspositionen macht den Golfplatz extrem flexibel und ist daher auch für jede Spielstärke geeignet.

The best – Golf architect Thomas C. Himmel

Since the beginning it was always clear to take the best , architect Thomas C. Himmel for our Golf place. Himmel is known, to be one of the greatest Golf place designers in the world.

Discover „The Blue Monster“

Court details

Green fee price list

Season: Mid. February till mid. December
Green Fee: 9 hole € 50,00 | 18 holes € 90,00 | Junior till 18 years -30%

Rent: Kart 9 hole € 25,00 | Kart 18 holes €35,00 | Kart 1 month € 90,00 Trolley € 5,00 | Golf bag € 15,00

Registration for tournament: € 20,00 with award ceremony | € 10,00 Weekend Cup
VISITOR DISCOUNTS: 30% for the 18 hole green fee and 20% fort he 9 hole green fee for the Golf In partner Hotels.
Member discounts: 20% for members of partner clubs | 50% for 18 holes green fee on sundays for all the southyrolean Golf In Club members.

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