Head-Pro Malcolm J. Harrison

Refine and learn the art of golfing with our head Pro Malcolm.
He made 4 holes in one. One of them unforgettable, at the 9th hole at the Golf Club Petersberg.
He was asked to join as a professional at the Golf Club Turnberry Blacklock in Scotland.
Our head Pro worked together with Luther Blacklock. He is very proud to have successfully
trained and prepared assistants and PGA professionals.


Working for Golf Club Schloss Freudenstein:
Born the 02.08.1968 in Rugby
1978: he begins to play golf
1984 – 1990: reaches H/cap2, becomes pro assistant in Southport & Ainsdale Golf Club
1990 – 1994: Head Professional at Folgaria & Breakpoint Golf Clubs
1994 – 1998: Head Professional at Huyton & Prescott Golf Club
1998 – 2003: Head Professional at Golfclubs Petersberg
2003 – 2009: Golf-Direktor at Golfclubs Brunston Castle in Scotland
2009: current Head Professional at the Golf Academy Castle Freudenstein
Career highlights
1988: first win at a Pro-Tournament, Hopwood GC Manchester, score -2, won through 5 shots
1990: Participation at “British PGA circuit”, Winner of several money prices, also awarded from the PGA School of Excellence, to become a full member of the PGA.

Rudi Knapp

Learn and play golf at Golf & Country Südtirol with diploma PGA golf Pro Rudi Knapp.
In his work philosophy he sees himself as a tutor from beginners to the top players,
in a sport that transmits passion and challenge at the same time.
Before he became a golf Pro, Rudi Knapp was an ice hockey player in the german ice hockey league
and studied different trainer activities, for example coaching the Icelandic men/women national ski team.
His experience and his sense for methodology and didactics are
very useful for his current job as golf teacher.
Since 1990 he works as golf Pro in different Golf Clubs, such as
Kitzbühl, Zillertal, Achensee and Südtirol.
As PGA head Pro he trained many golf teachers to PGA pros, was a successful squad trainer of the
Tiroler golf association as well as coach of the first southtirolean golf Pro Aron Zemmer.
The focus of his lessons bases not only in golf techniques, but also, on mental balance
as well as mental and physical fitness.
Constant upgrades in educations in the USA and Europe ensures the motto: SEE / HEAR / FEEL.
His teaching languages are: German, English, Italian and even Icelandic.