Golf Club Freudenstein castle, the innovative

training center for everyone!

The Golf Club Freudenstein castle lies on a hill above Eppan and belongs to the most impressive castles in the area.

Unique training facilities

Short as long golf hits can be trained at the Golf Club Freudenstein castle. There are 16 tee spots, bunker & chipping green, a putting green. If you’d like to take an overview of the driving range and the Golf Club, check our interactive map.

Practice holes

4 training tracks for a little highlight in the training center Freudenstein castle.
The training center Freudenstein is marvellously embedded on the castle hill and framed by the historical castle wall. It offers not only a fantastic view on the surroundin manors, but also on the southtyrolean landmark, mountains Rosengarten and Schlern, as well as our capital city Bozen. Our 4 training tracks are in the middle of all this beauty. Ist worth a try.


1. Piching Area
2. Chipping Green
3. Bunker Green
4. Putting Green
5. Driving Range
6. Bunker Green
7. Practice holes

Bunker & Chipping

Perfect for a short game!
A bunker area with different distances on special greens suits best for short games.
A chipping station with its own green as well as a pitching green with a distance till 50m is avaialabe as well , although separated to the bunker area.

Putting Green

Fantastic training possibilities at the Golf Club Freudenstein castle. You have 900m2 putting green with an interesting modelling disposal. The putting green area as well as the whole Golf Club area is daly maintained.

Track Man

Innovative training methods for your personal golf achievements The Golf Club freudenstein castle enables you to improve your golf technique with the trackman and its precise radar emissions. The track man mesures the complete ball flight with all the necessary paramters. Thereby you can acquire a precise golf result as well as more joy to the golf sport.

Laser Aiming Tool

Play better golf with our Head Pro golfer. As its one of the most innovative golf places in south tyrol, we offer you a laser aiming tool. Combined with the knowledge of our head Pro you can refine your golf technique. Use this great training opportunity at the Golf Club Freudenstein castle and enjoy some amazing golf training sessions.

Putter Simulator

More effective putting.
The Golf Club Freudenstein castle in south tyrol has a putter simulator, where you can improve your golf technique together with our golf head Pro.
Our head Pro offers you his know how, advices and help, analyses your technique on the putting
and can give you precious tipps about it.


Learn how to golf at Golf Club Freudenstein castle.
Until today, no golf Pros climbed down from the sky.
Therefore you can learn it here, in one of the most beautiful golf places in south tyrol. The fantastic driving range, the stunning view to the Eppan vineyards, the innovative training facilities, and the professionalism of our head Pro golfer, suits for the best start conditions for everyone wanting to learn golfing. Our Golf Club is for everybody. We are keen to accompany and help you to learn golf properly.

Adults have to pay the golfballs extra.
Free for children.
Booked lessons have to be cancelled prior to 24h. For cancellation after 24h the full payment will be charged.

Individual lesson
50 min – € 70,-
50 min – € 96,- for 2 persons
50 min – € 120,- for 3 persons
50 min – € 140,- for 4 persons

Golf Clinics
6 hours – € 350,- € 240,-/P. for 2 persons, € 200,-/P. for 3 persons, € 175,-/P. for 4 persons
9 hours – € 525,- € 360,-/P. for 2 persons, € 300,-/P. for 3 persons, € 262,-/P. for 4 persons
12 hours – € 650,- € 440,-/P. for 2 persons, € 365,-/P. for 3 persons, € 312,-/P. for 3 persons

Beginner lessons
6 hours – € 350,- € 240,-/P. for 2 persons, € 200,-/P. for 3 persons, € 175,-/P. for 4 persons
15 hours – € 795,- € 525,-/P. for 2 persons, € 430,-/P. for 3 persons, € 360,-/P. for 4 persons