Benefit of numerous conventions with other Golf Clubs in Südtirol

All members of the Golf & Country Südtirol can play discounted green fees on the following golf places:

Golf Club Alta Badia, Corvara (BZ) 20% discount on the Greenfees and reducted annual fee.
Distance from our location 75 km (1h 30 min)
Golf Club Passeier Meran, St. Leonhard in Passeier 20% discount on the Greenfees
Reduction vouchers of 20% at Eppan-Club-office available or possibility of a reducted second membership € 1150,00
Distance from our location 44 km (48 min)
Golf Club Kastelruth/Seiseralm 20% discount on the Greenfees.
Distance from our location: 35 km (44 min)
Golf Club Petersberg 20% Ermäßigung auf die Greenfees.
Entfernung zu unserer Anlage: 37 km (46 min)
Golf Club Lana 20% discount on the Greenfees.
Distance from our location: 10 km (20 min)
Golf Club Pustertal 20% discount on the Greenfees.
Distance from our location: 89,3 km (1 h 15 min)

In addition, all Club members and partners of “Golf in Südtirol” and Driving Range Club South Tyrol are granted a 20% discount on the regular Green Fee.

There is also the new Super Greenfee Day -50%.
Every Sunday in Appiano and in Carezza every Wednesday.


Determinate your handicap, to achieve new golf goals.
You grow with every golf challenge. You can find many of those challenges at the Golf Club Eppan.
An essential index in the golf sport ist he handicap, although the calculation can vary from golf place to golf place. The handicap of a golf player describes his/her playing strength. The highest possible handicap is for men and women 36. Every golf place has his own characteristics that influence the level of difficulty. There are two guidelines for the valuation of the facility.
Course-Rating-Value (CR-Value):
This value of the difficulty level of the golf place, describes the average quantity of hits, what a scratch player (handicap 0) needs to complete at the golf place.
This value marks the level of difficulty of the facility, for golfers that are not scratch players. The slope value can be between 55 and 155.
On this site you can ask for your current handicap, to monitor your personal performance and mesure with the handicaps of other golfers.
How can I calculate my handicap?
There are two different HCP values:
The playing HCP indicates the value of what your are playing on the field. This one changes on every hit depending on every golf place and slope rate.
On the other side, the exact HCP is on a comma rounded value that can change after any tournament.
The determination of the playing HCP of the relevant hit ensues throw this formula:
Exact HCP x (Slope Rating / 113) – (CR-Wert) + Par = Playing HCP(*-1)
Example: Let’s assume Max Muster, who at the moment has a HCP of 25,4 hat, play on the golf court Lana a yellow Tee-Off, which has the following values:
Slope: 130, CR: 70,1, PAR: 70.
Calculation: -25,4 x 130/113 – 70,1 + 70 = – 29,3
Max Muster play with a HCP of 29,3.

Category Exact HCP Neutra Zone Stableford Nettopoint under the neutral Zone; add Decreased multilicand for every point over 36 Stableford netto points
34 – 36
4,5 – 11,4
33 – 36
11,5 – 18,4
32 – 36
18,5 – 26,4
31 – 36
26,5 – 36,0
30 – 36